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Monday, 9 October 2006

Haggis Adventure in Bonnie Scotland

This has the potential to be a long one so i'll do it in bullet points...

Day 1

  • Wallace Monument - too misty for the view! This is a monument for William Wallace
  • Doune Castle - used in Monty Python's Holy Grail
  • Hamish the Highland Coo - so cute!!!!
  • Loch Luibnig - 'lake with a bend in it'. with over 33000 lochs, the scottish lost some creativity with names. there's even a loch called Loch Lochy - 'lake lakie'. This loch was beautiful and so still.
  • Glencoe - where the campbells massacred the macdonalds
  • free whiskey tasting!!!!
  • loch that looks like a map of scotland
  • Isle of Skye
  • Spent the night at 'Saucy Mary's' where fisherman drink for free in return for seafood - had seafood platter for dinner!

Day 2

  • Faerie glen - lots of myths and luck stories in scotland
  • Sligach - meaning glen of seashells. The wind blows seashells from the beach to here. The water is meant to have special powers of healing, and if you put your face in it, it will stay the same for 10 yrs (there's a money back guarantee from haggis, if you bring a before and after photo to them... so far noone's come back!!! haha)
  • Portree - beautiful little town. Saw lots of these!!
  • Faerie Waterfall - if you climb to the top (slipping and sliding through the mud) and drink the water, you get a wish!!!
  • "Wee Walk" number one - down a VERY steep "path" made by sheep. Cool waterfall at the bottom, and ruins ofa seaweed processing plant (i think) but the climb back up almost killed us all. There are lots of sheep around that have black faces but aren't suffolks. they're Highland Black Face Sheep. and they all have long tails!!! they are perched around the mountains more like mountain goats than our sheepies.
  • Kilt Rock - cliff with vertical ridges so looks like a kilt. its the cliff in the distance, not the waterfall in the foreground
  • "Wee Walk" number two - uuuuuuuupppp a big mountain. Slipped and slid around and finally made it to the top. great view. More sheepies!
  • that night had a bit of a big one at the bar in Saucy Mary's. Many ciders!

Day 3

  • Plockton - palm trees naturally grow here, swept up on the beach from who knows where.
  • Eilean Donan Castle - has a piece of Mary Queen of Scot's dress from when she was beheaded, still with blood stains. Amazing view from the Castle. The whole of Scotland is incredibly beautiful. Meanwhile their seagulls are massive.
  • Lord Moriston's love nest - very nice spot with big waterfall
  • Loch Ness! - Fergie allowed us to buy tacky souveneirs but he said the only thing that was ok was something that could be stuck on the fridge. My purchase of a magnet and shot glass was met with approval. Loch Ness is absolutely massive. It is apparently 5 times deeper than the Mediteranean, and if you take all the water from England, Ireland and Wales, you will only fill it by 1/5. It is on a fault line and connects to the ocean i think. There are also fish in there that were thought to be extinct for millions of years, AND sonar has revealed 12 things that move around and are between 15-25 feet in length... a family of Nessies?????? I took some "fossilised Nessie crap" as souvenier - ie the red rocks on the shore of the Loch
  • Lunch in Inverness at about 4pm - STARVING
  • Culodin - (sp?) site of fight between Jacobites (catholic scots) and prodestants (the english). one of the worst Scottish defeats, probably because they didn't choose the site. Scottish were incredible fighters and their history is pretty amazing.
  • Clava - three large stone burial chambers constructed before stone henge and the pyramids

  • Stayed the night in Carbisdale Castle - which has been converted into a hostel!!!! Went out to a tiny pub in Carbisdale, poor locals couldn't fit in! Nick the american really came into his own that night... and made a few aquaintances...

I'll continue in the next post in case this is getting too big.


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