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Friday, 29 September 2006


Cambridge is a beautiful town. I went up for a day trip today. I went punting...
Punting on the river Cam

and was shown a few famous landmarks such as King's College, Bridge of Sighs, Trinity College...

After that i went on a walking tour and saw lots of things! Went into the King's College chapel - amazing building. And i think the organist was practicing - impressive. the acoustics are great. Saw the outside of isaac newton's room when he was in college (they've planted an apple tree outside now!),
had a "cider and crisps" in the pub (The Eagle) where the discoverers of DNA announced their finding for the first time. it was very enjoyable. interestingly students are banned from having cars, so everyone rides bikes! and apparently the older and dodgier the bike and the bigger the basket on the front, the more likely the rider has won a Nobel Prize. Any fancy new bike is most likely owned by new foreign students!!!

The apple tree outside Newton's old college room


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