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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

I'm in London!

Well i arrived in Singapore late on thurs night only to be BLASTED with the humidity! it's amazing: midnight and you can wander around outside in shorts and singlets and still feel hot. On Friday i wandered up Orchard st (the main road) but got trapped in one of the shopping centres (horror of horrors) due to a sudden down pouring of rain. Singapore is good for shopping! i think thatäs probably what its known for. I didnät buy anything cos iäm coming back at the end of my trip. Something i had that was cool (haha funny pun!) was a bowl of crushed ice with a bit of coconut milk, pinepple juice and pineapple pieces. Very nice.

On friday night Tony and i went to the night safari. It was great! the weirdest thing we saw was the 'babirusa' pig. the boar's upper canines grow upwards, through the roof of his mouth, curl around and penetrate the skull between his eyes!!!!!

apart from the animals the zoo also had fire breathers which was also impressive

On saturday we went to the markets. The chicken lady had these blue-black chickens. So weird looking. apparently theyäre just that colour and are used for soup. EVerything seems to be used for soup. Later we did something touristy and went on the Duck tour. THatäs where you go on one of those ex miliatary vehicles that are amphibious. So saw a few sights in singapore, the bay is nice. There were all these trees along the coast which i quite liked, but then the guide said it was reclaimed land (creating more land) and they allow trees to grow on it for 10yrs to stablise the new land before chopping them down and building apartments and other buildings on them! So singapore! THey have an opera house which they built... a few years ago, but thereäs nothing to put in it! so the government is putting lots of money back into the arts to try to get actors i guess. thatäs where tony comes in i suppose.

I'm now in london. Had a wander around yesterday and saw a few sights such as buck palace, trafalga sq, leicester sq, st james park, westminster abbey, big ben... St james park is beautiful - and there are squirrels!!! Went into the Royal Mews at the palace (the working stables). Saw horseys and all the carriages. pretty impressive.

Last night i went to Phantom of the Opera. It was great!!! although, i guess it was affected by having run for 20yrs. the cast was no Michael Crawford. But iäm glad i've FINALLY seen it!! when i come back i think i'll see another one... any recommendations?

So now i'm at chris' place in North Clapham. His housemates are great (although i havenät met Tom yet, he's been at his gf's all weekend). Tracy is from Melbourne, Linnea is Malin's friend from sweden (whose computer i'm using, hence the weirdo letters like äöå), Malin is chris' girlfriend from sweden and of course Chris. Chris thinks he might come back to AUstralia in October next year.

I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow to meet up with Lara. Very exciting!


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