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Saturday, 23 September 2006

it´s raining...

I´m still in Barcelona, and it´s raining!!! Yesterday Lara and I got up bright and early (7AM!) and caught a bus up to Costa Brava. We went to Palafrugel and from their caught a bus to Llafranc and Calaella. The two little beach towns are picture postcard with their small white sand beaches, sailing boats, white terraces and stone paths. We were planning a beachy day but unfortunately weather has turned and it was almost cold! and it sprinkled a bit. So instead of laying on the beach, we tried a Paella at one of the seaside restaurants and went on a walk along the coast above lots of teh beaches. Very pretty area and it really was a shame about the weather, but still good to see a bit more of Spain! The bus drove through the country side and it was good to get out of the city as well.

Last night we got home and were SO tired, but the Festival started last night and there was Spanish and pop music being played by a band outside our balcony in the Plaça Reill. That inspired us to go out for "one drink". We left the hostel about midnight, the streets were packed!! and a few live bands scattered around. We headed towards the water and heaps of people tried to convince us to come to their bars and clubs. it´s great everyone is handing out free or 2 for 1 coupons or free entry. We ended up in a cocktail bar where the bar tender gave us a free mojito (i guess he was bored??) and when we ordered our cocktails we got free shots too. Such a funky little place with stone walls and couches. There was even a powerpoint slide show with the cocktail list, and the symbol for the daquiri was a mylittle pony!!!!!!!!!! after a while we left their and found The shot bar i keep talking about. unfortunately it was full! so we continued on and went out on to the water. there´s a whole shopping centre out on one of the wharves and up top is a series of clubs. Ended up at an irish cocktail bar, and a band came on at about 2am... playing reggae!!!! (as well as normal covers) veyr random and their really isn´t much like it in sydney. Barcelona really is a party town. and they know how to do it.
so our ¨quiet one¨ended up with us getting back into the hostel at about 3:45am... oops.

And now i´ve just finished the free breakfast, 6 hours later, and its raining outside!!!!!! not sure what we´re going to do today, might have to sacrifice sights and go shopping. poor us :)


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