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Thursday, 28 September 2006

back in London

On Monday it was sunny again (ok this going ot be annoying, the space bar on thisc omputer is sticky so many typos to follow) - so Lara and i made it to the beach !!! yay!! first bit of beach for the year. AND there were awves. it was kinda dumpy/shore breakers, but still fun. interesting to see how the european women all go topless, especially the old leathery ones. So now i've swum in the Mediteranean... (and still can't spell it). Only downfall wast here were all these JELLYFISH in the water. I even got stung!!! but it must've been an old tired jelly fish that got me, cos it barely hurt. i did get about 10 welts on my arm, but they went away in 15 minutes or so. Another thing that's funny about the beach is the amount of pebbles mixed in the dirty sand. I had rocks in my hair, in my pockets, everywhere!
After beach did some more shopping (Barcelona is great for that!) and had noodle paella lunch at about 5pm. Yum.
Tuesday was spent pretty much travelling. took me ages to get to and from the airport (flew into Stansted so the train back to london cost about as much as my flight from Barcelona). So i'm back staying at Chris' - finally met the mystery housemate Tom!
And now i'm in London! Today i went to the Tower of London. That was really interesting - saw the 530 carat diamond amongst the crown jewels. Definitely born into the wrong family. And i never realised that the yeomen or beefeaters actually LIVED in the tower grounds!

went out to walkabout and cheapskates that night...


  • For a vet you write really intersting stories!! Is it true that it is possible for a sheep to never go into labour and the foetus just gets bigger and bigger until the nother dies??? We were told that at a lecture yesterday..look into price of buses as well as trains for travel around UK. It must have been sad to leave funtime Barcelona. Keep blogging ! M

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, September 28, 2006 6:16:00 am  

  • um... i haven't heard that about sheep, but if someone told you it must be true! i'm not exactly ruminantly inclined...

    By Blogger Lara, at Friday, September 29, 2006 5:59:00 am  

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