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Sunday, 8 October 2006

back from tour

hi i'm back from the Haggis adventure! the tour was fantastic, i really enjoyed it and would def recommend to everyone! Everyone (almost) was really nice and fun. there were 26 ppl, ages ranged from 20 the 36 (i was 4th youngest i think!!) that came from lots of different places: australia (of course), canada, germany, america, england, sth africa.... and many different types of jobs incl doctor, chemist, IT guy, accountant, lawyer, nurse.... etc. so interesting group. funniest was probably Yvonne, aka german girl. and next probably nick the 20yo american that loved australians so much that he's decided to disown america!!
the scenery was georgeous, the tour guide was hilarious and incredibly knowledgable, and we had nights out every night. tour guide was so crude it was funny. instead of saying there are the toilets if you need them, he would say "if you need to squeeze one out". i think that might be the catch phrase of the tour. Niiice.
oh and i went to Loch Ness, and i tried haggis :)
i'm about to catch a train back to london but i'll try to get photos up soon. i'm going to greece early tues morn so not sure when i'll do it but i'll try!!!!


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