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Tuesday, 26 December 2006


The train back to Hanoi was muuuch nicer - wood panelling makes all the difference! Except it was incredibly noisey - screechy creaks for most of the night. so i had about 2 hrs sleep. Got back to hotel in Hanoi at 545am to find that our rooms that we had booked AND paid for had been given away to a family who had lost their passports. Poor them, but it means they kicked us out of the hotel!! Supposedly they had booked somewhere else, but turns out they actually hadn't cos thought if we went there ourselves we could get cheaper rates. Tried all these hotels, booked out or really gross. Now waiting to see a hotel where rooms become available at 9am (one and a half hours away...). Hoping they will be clean and non-smelly! ANyway while killing time (at about 6am!) Laurelle and I went for a walk and found a tiny little place that sold Pho Bo (Beef noodle soup everyone seems to have for breakfast) . The old lady that made it for us couldn't speak english and when we asked how much to pay she held up the notes we needed to give her. heheh. So that was interesting at least!! And now we wait......


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