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Thursday, 21 December 2006


Well after over 24 hrs in transit we've finally made it to Hanoi (i think the highlight was sleeping in Bangkok airport). Still haven't showered in about 36 hrs. NIIIIIIICE. oh and our taxi driver tried to take us to his mate's hotel, rather than the one we'd booked.
Hotel is nice and only $16.50/night/person although we think this is a rip off anyway! about half as cheap as a huge form in europe. def not complaining!
So i'm travelling with Laurelle (from high school), Nat (her uni friend) and Cassie (Nat's friend). Cassie is particularly excited - she's never been over seas before. They all think i'm psycho cos i immediately started walking out in the middle of the road in front of oncoming traffic - but that's what everyone told me to do!
(btw the hotel has DIALUP internet so no photos until we find somewhere with broadband)
We wandered the streets for a while this afternoon: women carrying baskets of fruit over their shoulders (then make you carry them, get your friends to take a pic then try to sell u a bunch of bananas for the equivalent of $5! i think its cheaper in sydney!!), ppl cooking on the streets, lots of little shops, crazy motorbikes with ppl wearing masks, honking, the lake has green water.... We ordered lunch, with no idea what we were ordering in this TINY (5 table) restaurant. i think altogether the bill was the equivalent of $9 for 4 ppl. Think it'll take me a while to get over the prices!
There is already stuff i've decided i want to buy too, glad i brought the big bag.
anyway i'll keep u updated :) email me!!!!


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