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Wednesday, 1 November 2006


I last left you in an internet cafe down the road from Chris' place. Sat night i went out with a couple of people from Haggis tour (Nick and Dave) and some of their mates. Managed to only take one photo unfortunately! Good night, took the Americans to Walkabout, one of the Australian pubs in London.
Nick (note the Magners) and a couple of his mates Marie and Davi
On Monday I caught the train about 2 hours south west of London to get to Sherry (my mum's friend) 's place in Dorset. I arrived last night after dark so didn't get the impact of the area i'm now in til this morning. I'm in Pulham a small village in Dorset county. I think there's about 6 houses and 1 pub! This is ultimate English countryside with green fields, cows and old buildings.
view from an upstairs window
Sherry's house is actually over 300 years old, and used to be a school house. There is a bell tower, and the bell was made by the same people that made the Big Ben! The place was let go before they got here and is quite run down. They've only been here a couple of months but have great plans for the house!
the side of the house, seen from the garden


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