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Saturday, 23 December 2006

Hanoi dialup...

Dialup is really annoying.

Anyway this morning we met up with Nat's friend's friend (Chang) and her boyfriend. They took us on their motorbikes (!!!!) to a teeny upstairs restaurant where we had fantastic soup with pork meat balls or something and noodles. I am slightly concerned about the lukewarm temperature of the soup.... time will tell.... meanwhile motorbikes are fun! but i'm not sure if i'd want to go on one where i don't know the driver... Fun dodging traffic though :)
We were then taken to the temple of literature which is over 1000 yrs old.
Then... went to Uncle Ho's museum but it was closed on friday afternoons so we'll have to go back again after we get back... Apparently his moluseum (sp?) is only open in the mornings too. So we have to go back anyway.

Did a bit of souveneir shopping and for some reason a woman in one of the lacquer shops hates me. Because i went there on thursday, and was itnerested in somehting, she said she could give me good price today but not tomorrow (After we said we'd come back). So i went back today not believing her and she was crazy! No cheap price you were here yesterday! Laurelle wanted to go back this afternoon to actually make some purchases so i hid outside. The woman was like "where is your friend? you are here ALL the time". Oh and some of the other women we try to bargain with get really ANGRY when we offer something, even though Chang told us to offer 1/4 - 1/3 of the original price. And there are some that are nice... its very strange. Some of them definitely dont seem to want repeat business.

We booked ourselves for a tour of Sapa, yay. We leave on the overnight train tomorrow night and have 2 days before we return to on another overnight train to Hanoi. So not sure how the internet access will be for the next few days.


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